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Integrated Logistics Management Solution

We offer a full suite of Integrated Logistics Management Solution that will not only automate our clients’ current processes to achieve better productivity and efficiency, but also provide them with brilliant insights into their operations for informed decision makings.

Our All-In-One and ready-to-use application with the powerful integrated logistics solution will facilitate our clients in handling complex logistics processes. The ability of this integrated solution which combines into one seamless application, will eliminate redundant data entry, reduce human error and increase work efficiency.

This is further supported by our single-sign-on feature which can be further integrated with multi-factor authentication.

Our solution leverages on design principle of Industrial Revolution 4.0, and utilizes the cutting-edge digital technologies which includes:

  • Internet of Things (Smart sensors and devices, such as our smart telematics and smart fuel sensors)
  • Cloud Computing (Connected Solution, readily available anytime, anywhere)
  • Cybersecurity (Ensuring Your Data Privacy and Data Protection)
  • Flexible System Integration (Allowing horizontal integration with other logistics system for data automation, and vertical integration with other third party’s ERP and financial systems)
  • Big Data Analysis (Providing reliable analysis into current situation as well as predicting the trends forward)


Warehouse Management System (AWarehouse)
AWarehouse is designed to optimize entire 3rd party logistics warehouse operation. The system eliminates the need for paper documentation. All documentations are generated, transmitted, processed, and optimized in the system and transformed into precise tasks sent individually to operators' RF terminal screens.

Every operation is confirmed and logged into the system by the operator through either scanning a bar code or entering data via the RF terminal keyboard. Therefore, information on product quantity and allocation in the warehouse is always accurate and up to date, so any mistakes or exceptions can be noted and corrected immediately.

AWarehouse objective is to automate the entire warehouse management cycle - from the point that goods are received at the warehouse up to the delivery of customer's orders.
Transport Management System (ATransport)
ATransport is developed for the conventional trucking industry. The system is designed to cater for both less than truck load (LTL), full truck load (FTL) and bulk loads shipments. It is a module designed to fulfil the complete business requirement of distribution trucking companies from booking to invoicing.

ATransport helps to manage activities such as vehicle assignment, driver trip sheet computation, contract management, routing scheduling, load planning, equipment costing, equipment & driver management, driver trip incentive computation and Proof of Delivery (POD) management.

Besides that, the system is able to interface and integrate with mobility and tracking solutions like GPS. The system includes contract module, job booking module, documentation module, billing & costing module, load planning, job planning & monitoring module and driver incentive computation module.
Haulage Management System (AHaulage)
AHaulage is specially designed to cater for containerized trucking industry. The system is specially developed to operate containerized transport shipments. AHaulage helps business owner to simplify their complex and trivial business activities from booking to invoicing.

AHaulage assists you in managing activities such as vehicle assignment, trailer management, driver trip sheet computation, contract management, equipment costing, equipment & driver management, driver trip incentive computation and Proof of Delivery (POD) management.

Apart from that, the system is ready to interface and integrate with mobility and tracking solutions like GPS to provide you with the full suites of vehicle track and trace solution. The system comes with contract module, job booking module, documentation module, billing & costing module; load planning, job planning & monitoring module and driver incentive computation module.
Freight Management System (AFreight)
AFreight is freight management module which is specially designed for both international and domestic Freight Forwarding logistics providers. The system has been developed to cater for air, sea and land freight forwarding businesses.

AFreight is built in with spontaneous workflows for each segment of the freight forwarding business. We have taken into consideration of all the anomalies and it is built in with all the load types, codes, and so on into the system which would help to improve your business’s efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

The system manages the end-to-end business processes for freight forwarding providers such as contract management, job order management, and request for transport & monitoring management, documentation management, billing & job cost sheet management. AFreight is designed with the best industry practices, workflows and terminologies, your staff would be able to be familiar with and master our system without long learning hours.
Fleet Management System (AFleet)
Managing the fleet maintenance process like a business gives you greater control over the costs of operation, improvement of resource utilization and earn the respects of your senior management.

When you are maintaining and dealing with a few hundred trucks, trailers and other assets, no manual process could drive the business and cost improvement being asked of you. Whether the repair works are performed at your own workshop bays or being outsourced, ASolute Fleet Management System (AFleet) covers your needs from workshop operation to business intelligence reporting which would help you make better vehicle investments in the future.

AFleet brings years of industry experiences, best practices, and expertise to help you transform your maintenance operation. Be it preventive maintenance or unexpected breakdowns and service calls, parts purchasing and inventory tracking, fuel usage, tire usage & tracking and billing audits, they are all manageable and easy with AFleet.
Customer Online Portal (ASphere)
ASphere is a logistics web portal specialized to enrich the web or online capabilities of our logistics solution. ASphere enables your respective business partners to place bookings and perform shipment tracking online 24 by 7, as online visibility is now a non-negotiable feature for clients.

With ASphere, our clients are able to monitor and track the movement and status of their shipments in real-time at anytime and anywhere. This streamlines the interaction with clients and increase the productivity of the entire operation.

Apart from enabling online visibility to your clients, ASphere also allows your business partners to update their shipment status online, it also grants your business partners the ability to upload and download critical documents pertaining to the shipment at any moment.
Courier Management System (ACourier)
ACourier is developed to support many agile and thriving transport business owners, ranging from small, medium to large organization to stay on top and ahead of the competitions in terms of costs and customer service.

ACourier provides you with the complete visibility of your business operation from costs and resources utilizations, automating routine processes, exception management to increasing the business productivity and efficiency.

With ACourier, you are able to manage your complete transport business operation lifecycle from contract rate, orders all the way to profit. It allows you to plan, match and dispatch your shipment with higher efficiency and profitability by using real-time data feed and reducing non-productive miles.

With ACourier, you could rest assured that your decisions on your operations and business are the best decisions you could ever made.
GPS Management System (AGPS)
It is not unusual to hear that fleet operators have little control over the field operations. Manual or traditional ways of data acquisition methods are time consuming and ineffective in providing accurate and consistent information needed for operational planning, let alone for productivity planning.

With AGPS, a GPS enabled fleet management system, you will regain the control over your fleet management and operation, which in turn provides you with timely, accurate, consistent and insightful information to improve your productivity and costs management.

AGPS is engineered to provide you with full control over your fleet. It covers a wide range of rich features for operational control, productivity improvement, asset management, fuel monitoring and alert, driver behaviour monitoring, vehicle safety and security, automatic odometer reading, panic, tempering and towing alert, zone management and so on.
Depot Management System (ADepot)
ADepot is designed for business owners to manage their depot from a single screen. With only one screen, you could have the bird’s eye view of every container in your yard. It enables you to manage and have full control over your yard operation including the ability to drill down to each container’s movement and their history details.

ADepot provides a full range of reports from gate activity, yard status, estimates, booking to complete unite storage. It also equips with complete Maintenance and Repair (M&R) invoicing system capable of creating any type of invoices for repair, trucking, lifting and rentals.

ADepot eliminates manual documentation and streamlines your business by granting you a full set of traceability records for the containers electronically to optimize the yard storage space and helps you to monitor internal transfers of containers for operational costs minimization.
Account Management System (AAccount)
AAccount is a fully integrated logistics accounting system which is specialized to handle the logistics costing components of ASolute’s integrated logistics solutions.

AAccount handles the Account Receivable (AR), Account Payable (AP), General Ledger (GL) and cashbook for costing which are related to your logistics operations. With AAccount, you could rest assured your data’s accuracy and integrity as all the transactions posting are done automatically via the backend integrated modules without any user intervention.

AAccount is built on top of a reputable accounting system which is able to relieve you from the complicated, tedious, and trivial accounting tasks in your logistics processes and it complies to the international accounting standards.

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